My Family

In July, '98 we went to Marine World (my wife, my daughter, my grandson,
my son, my parents and I). My son-in-law, Tony, had to work. We had a great time
and while we were there, we decided to splurge and take this picture. My
grandson, Jeremiah, sits in the front followed by his mommy and then her
mommy and then me. Assorted others are my son, holding onto the tail fin,
and my parents hanging on for dear life.

You know what I don't understand. Why do we all look dry after being in
the water with the killer whale? It must be photo re-touching.

Family Reunion, Thanksgiving 2000: We let Tony into this picture.

My Biography

I was Born in Oakland, California and graduated from Fremont High School around the time frame of the "Summer of Love" across the Bay. Got my BS from Western Baptist Bible College in Salem, Oregon. Started and ran my own trucking business for three years. Went back to school and received my Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) from Northwest Baptist Seminary. Calvary Baptist Church in Yermo asked me to be the pastor and I was for about two years. Vivian Brown the Principal of Barstow Christian School asked me if I would like to teach middle school and 27 years later I still am. We now reside in Oakley, California, in the heart of the Delta. The Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers come together not far from my home and there are around 30 islands within an hours drive. It is a fisherman's paradise.

++In 2003 I became certified to borrow Lunar samples from NASA.
++I am working, however slowly toward a Th.D. from GSST and D. Min from ACCS.
++I completed my DRE, Doctor of Religious Education, in'99 from Golden State School of Theology.
++In 2001, I completed Child Evangelism Fellowship's Children's Ministries Institute, Level One
++If you have a great Amway or Shaklee product and no one to supply it, I can do that. I "sell" Shaklee all biodegradable products and my daughter and son-in-law are Amway-affiliated Independent Business Owners.
++Have been working with Jr. Hi. students since 1965.
++I am a licensed Baptist pastor and led a flock in the Mojave desert for a short time in 1975-7.
++I am a Mentor and Dean of Christian Education at Golden State School of Theology since 1999.
++Have been married to Karen for 33 years, 10/03/70.
++The middle school teacher in our little community was bitten by a black widow and I was the sub in 1977. Have been teaching ever since.
++I taught both of our children during their middle school years.
++Jeremiah, my grandson, turned seven years old in June '03, want to hear about him?
++Breaking news, Julia was born on November 20, 2002. She is now one year old!
++I usually don't send home tests, because I use them year after year, and several parents each year won't send them back.
++Started FCLC in Brentwood in 1991 and am still a consultant.

++Taught English in Wuxi, People's Republic of China during the summer of 1993.
++Taught English in Shenzhen, People's Republic of China in the summer of 1994.
++Taught Christian Ed in Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines in the summer of 1997. I was looking at the South China Sea just a couple of kilometers from where General MacArthur landed with his corn-cob pipe in 1944.
++Karen traveled with me for the first time to Dagupan and did a week long seminar teaching Christian Education at Golden State School of Theology in July, 1999. (We are looking for people God has moved to help us achieve this goal and help the Philippine people. $35 a month puts one pastor and his family in a city starting Evangelical, Bible based, soul winning churches.)
++Taught English and Christian Education at Northeast Bible Seminary in Khon Kaen, Thailand during the summer of 2001.

++I have two Lifetime ACSI certificates: Professional K-12 Bible and Professional Teaching Certificates.
++I also have a California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential.
++I have a School of Tomorrow, Supervisor's Certificate and taught two years in an ACE School.
++Am in the 1996 Who's Who Among America's Teachers
++In 1993 Kirsten, one of my tenth graders at Christian Center School won the California ACSI writing contest and we were able to attend the Mount Hermon Writing Seminar as a prize.
++I have an Extra Class "HAM" or Amateur License AC6ZZ
++My students use the web in and out of class.
++I wrote a weekly article on Astronomy for 11 years for the Bethel Island Beacon Gazette and have published articles in national periodicals.
++Each year my students are several points above the national and Christian mean. My 2000-2001 class was over two years above average. My 2001-2002 students were five years over national norms. My 2002-03 Math students were three years advanced over the norms.
++In 1998 I read for Educational Testing Service (ETS) on the NAEP or National English Report Card as it is commonly called.
++My wife, Karen and I were invited to attend the Centennial of Flight a three day seminar at NASA, Ames Research Center in Mt. View during the summer of 2003.
++For several years, until my car acident, I worked with the teenaged boys at Byron Boys Ranch as their Bible teacher on Friday evenings.
++For the last four years I have been working with our Neighborhood Church AWANA program.
++I enjoy lots of friendly interaction between parents/students and myself.
++After working in large Christian schools for years, I am working with my wife at Faith Christian Learning Centers
++I love to answer Bible questions. Got one?

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